1. Vengeance

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Madzilla LV's main single!! High Energy Melodic Thrash Metal

Vengeance Lyrics:

Blood keeps me drowning in a sea of death

Poison’s filling my tainted veins in silence.

I’ve been trying so hard to take another breath,

Lethal hate has become my only guidance.


Vengeance is calling, it’s my only friend

You’ve been digging your grave there’s no denying

You imagined fear would make me lose my way

My wrath is feeding and you’re the one who’s frightened


Now you kneel before the flames of death, Hell will rise!

Within your sorrow within your pain, Vengeance will be mine!

Hope is fading there is no escape, I own your life!

The end is near you’ll never breath again, You’ve been left behind!!


Caught between your madness, greed, and fear of death

Take a look at the demons you’ve created.

Your so desired power has been laid to rest

Now you must face the world you once neglected.


Trying to escape will only be in vain

Now you’re begging but there can be no mercy.

For my desire of blood has driven me insane

Luck is one and your life is nearly empty