4. Judgment Day

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Uplifting, High Energy, Melodic Thrash Metal

Judgment Day Lyrics:

Endless pain will feed eternal desire

Judgment day is on the rising there’s nowhere to hide

Wrapped in your sorrow life will run through your eyes

This is reality hope is fading.


Your fate is set no matter how hard you try

There’s no escaping you have suddenly ran out of time

This will erase whatever’s left of your life

You won’t survive you can stop pretending


Fire ignited, nowhere to hide

Apocalyptic nightmare, devours you alive

Painfully frightened, no turning back

This never ending madness controls your life


Deepest nightmares slowly coming to life

Making the madness strong enough to take over your mind

The clock is ticking you see death in your eyes

Intensifying the pain you live in.


No one can hear you, no one cares if you cry

Your dreams are shattered and in flames they are buried alive

Just close your eyes embrace the feeling inside

There’s nothing left, your mind is empty