2. Darkened Eternal Life

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Uplifting, High Energy, Melodic Thrash Metal!

Darkened Eternal Live Lyrics:

Dead silent screams are hiding infernal cries

Through random veins expanding

A deadly poison’s on the run!


A trap is set in silence, eternal lies

Hell on this earth is rising

The age of terror has begun!


To rule the world is your desire

Blinded by greed your hunger won’t survive

Open your eyes and you will find

Your soul has fallen into a

Darkened Eternal Life


Stay on their knees before their masters, enslave them all

Consumed by greed you feed disaster

Dig your own grave you’ll die alone!


Your power search will drown you faster, you can’t ignore

The endless rage you have ignited

Has taken over the world you know!


Eternal flame is a mad illusion, it’s just a lie

You have created your own delusion

Destroying everything in your path!


Neglected world, deadly retribution, nothing survives

Tonight your soul faces execution

All you desire has been denied!